Thursday, 24 August 2017

How To Disable Copy Paste In Blogger Blog---Www.FirstOnWeb.TK

Most of the genuine bloggers on BlogSpot platform face the problem of their blog's content being copied or duplicated by newbies who are just entering in the blogpost with the goal of making money without making real content and understanding the value of original/unique content. Sometimes the content copied by them gets higher rankings in search engines than your original content and this is unfair which lowers the motivation of genuine bloggers. So it is important to protect your blog content from these content thieves. We will disable the copy function by disabling the mouse right click and CTRL+A. We have a options for doing this via a JavaScript Code if you want to disable whole text area of blog.

Disable Text Selection On Blogger With JavaScript Code

Goto Blogger Template >> Edit HTML >> Now Find </Body> tag(You will get it at the end of HTML code)

Now copy this code and place this code before the </body> and </html>

Now save the template.


I am also using it, if you don't trust please try to copy my post.

Thank You.
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