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Characteristics Of Magic Bitcoin:-
There are several Characteristics of Magic Bitcoin. Like,
1. It will be  Decentralized in 1 Year.
2. It’s completely Transparent
3. You can buy or sell MBTC from Magic Bitcoin Android App.
Completely Transparent means Each and Every Person and Owner of any amount of BitCoin can see the History and Every Transaction of Bitcoin. All the Transactions are open and easy to catch.       It's easy to store and spend or sell Magic Bitcoin.
3. It’s Fast
You can Send MBTC anywhere and anyone and it will arrive Immediately, as soon as Magic Bitcoin block check network processes the payment. if you are selling product or service or if you want to buy any service or product then you can get or send payment quickly in the form of Magic Bitcoin.
After Watching the increment in the Value and Use of Magic Bitcoin, it is safe to do investment in Magic Bitcoin.
As per Experts, the price of Magic Bitcoin will be increasedd to $25 in just 1 year. When bitcoin started, there are very few people who took interest in it. but the chamcoin has a very huge network of the people.
The Above Given Graph is just a prediction Of value. the graph is prepared by MBTC experts.
What is The Procedure Of Issuing?
Or How Magic Bitcoin Generated? Or Which Technology is Used For Magic Bitcoin Generation?
Generally, the Cryptocurrencies are produced by Coin Miners. If you don’t know what is coin mining or miners then check it.
in short in the Bitcoin Currency, the New Coin is the generated as a result of mining procedure of miners.
But Magic Bitcoin is not Uses 100% Mining technology or procedure. 100% Mining is also known as POW Technology. But Magic Bitcoin will be generated using 50% POW And 50% POS Technology. Around 250 million coins are pre-mined and other 250 Million coins will Be Mined in next 4 years.
Now if you are not a tech person then probably you don’t know what is POS And POW. So here is the Short Explanation of POS & POW Technology.
What is POW & POS Technology?
POW is the Short form Of  PROOF OF WORK.  And POS Is The Short Form Of Proof of stake. In POW Pattern, the probability of mining a block is dependent on how much work is done by the miner. But in POS Pattern, Miners Can mine a block on the basis of How many coins They Holds.
There are fears that POW systems can lead to low network security, due to the Tragedy of the Commons, and this has led to some coins adopting a POS system.
Bitcoin Is Runs on 100% POW (Proof Of Work)Technology.
   If you want to know more about POS And POW Then you can check
More about The Magic Bitcoin...
The world is Being Digital. Today’s Generation is being friendly with digital form and eCommerce website. Digital Things and eCommerce achieving trust Now a days and that’s Why The Digital Currencies like Bitcoin and Magic Bitcoin is takes place in today’s world.
   MBTC is the Short From Of Magic Bitcoin
How much coins will be mined?
12% of increment in the form of coins after every 6 months to users for next 5 years on wallet balance .
What is Magic Bitcoin [ MBTC ]?
The Champ coin is the digital form of currency and the future of currencies. the increment in the value and the users of bitcoin, the champ coin will have the future Currency.
Magic Bitcoin is the Digital Form Of Money or currency which will be stored in your MBTC  Wallet Electronically.
If you are aware of The concept of Bitcoin and you know how the bitcoin works then you can easily understand the Concept of Magic Bitcoin. If you are not aware with Bitcoin then Check This.
Magic Bitcoin is the  Web -based Digital Currency.
      Currently Magic Bitcoin is Centralized Currency but after 1 year it will become Completely Decentralized Currency.
50% Magic Bitcoins will be Generated by Minors and 50% Magic Bitcoins are  Pre-Mined.
    if you are not aware with mining and If you are not aware with Blockchain Then Check It.
Magic Bitcoin  seeks to be the most secure Cryptocoin at the lowest cost, by rewarding all Cryptocurrency Investors &  Users for strengthening the network. Use Magic Bitcoin to create your own Assets which can be distributed in any way you like.
You will be able to safely, easily and quickly learn how to store, acquire, sell, spend, speculate and invest Magic Bitcoins. Imagine being able to send any amount of money to anyone anywhere in the world at anytime without the possibility of funds being frozen, seized and confiscated.
Many people Have Queries About the Developer of Magic Bitcoin and the Idea behind the Magic Bitcoin.
Magic Bitcoin Introduced by The  MLM Top Leaders.

Who Prints MBTC?

The answer is Magic Bitcoin official.
Not a government or any bank prints Magic Bitcoin because MBTC is not in the physical format. This currency isn’t physically printed in the shadows by a central bank, unaccountable to the population, and Magic Bitcoin making its own rules.
What will be the Features of THE Magic Bitcoin App and how to use it? 
1. Install Magic Bitcoin [ MBTC ] app from Google play store and use this REFER ID - MB0042227.
2. Signup and start trading MBTC worth bitcoins.
3. You can easily send or receive MBTC through MBTC App.
This Application is Fully Secured and safe than the Web Portal. 
2.What are the Security System of Magic Bitcoin App and how to use? 
Basically Magic Bitcoin, app is designed with the proper security system to protect any cyber attack. They are given more priority on the security system, keep in the mind of a cyber attack of the hackers of France(Paris). 
The app is designed like Blockchain app  or
ZEB pay app.

How to use them
Magic Bitcoin App?
✅‌Downlod Magic Bitcoin  App from play store and use this REFER ID - MB0042227
✅‌New user Sign up with mobile number email I’d with required details and password and use this REFER ID - MB0042227
✅‌After that 6 digit security pin will be created (like ATM  pin.. m-Banking pin etc. Don’t forget it because it is required to open Magic Bitcoin wallet if you logged out or to recover your password ) 
✅‌After that you have to answer 2 security question (it is required to recover your forget password and to establish a good security) 
‌Then submit after that your app will be open 
✅If you don’t open the app last 10 minutes the app will be directly logged out. Again you have to put login I’d and password(security pin) 
✅After opening the app you will be find your coin (if you purchased already).
‌How to send Magic Bitcoin
If you want to send coin to others wallet then you have to follow the following step. 
1.Put wallet address (whom you want to send) in the address box. 
2.Put amount of the coin or piece 
After that you submit then there will be created OTP and you will get it from register mobile number you have to verify with this OTP after completing the whole process your coin will be transferred.
If you forget your password then what will you so?
You should remember your pin or security question to recover your password.
pin will be send in phone and email because of the foreign user both ( So keep safe both of it)

If you have any questions till now....then feel free to comments below. Thank You.
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